Today we talk Veganuary

I’m sure most of you have heard of a vegan or know of someone that is following the vegan movement, but before you think think that we are all hemp wearing, tree hugging hippies living in the '60's, (even if most of us are!), I'm going to explain why we are much more than that … Continue reading Today we talk Veganuary

Today we make vegan zero waste lip balm

Hello lovelies, Hope you're all having a beautiful December and have been finding some time to be still in the busy month. Last week I shared an Instagram post about how I've vowed to do less this Christmas... buy fewer things, be in fewer shops and instead substitute it with spending more actual time with … Continue reading Today we make vegan zero waste lip balm

Today we talk about friendship

Hi lovelies, What started off as a small Instagram post has turned into quite a lengthy journal style blog (I hope it's useful for anyone going through the same thing)... Friendship... How can something be so wonderful, soul filling and yet so terrifying and heartbreaking? For me my anxiety has always come out in social … Continue reading Today we talk about friendship