Today we Reflect on 2018

Ok firstly before I even begin this blog, who else feels like this year has just flown by? Raise your hand if you feel like it was June just two days ago? Ok phew, glad to know it's not just me! But here we are... in the last few days of 2018 and naturally we're … Continue reading Today we Reflect on 2018

Today we talk Veganuary

I’m sure most of you have heard of a vegan or know of someone that is following the vegan movement, but before you think think that we are all hemp wearing, tree hugging hippies living in the '60's, (even if most of us are!), I'm going to explain why we are much more than that … Continue reading Today we talk Veganuary

Today we talk about friendship

Hi lovelies, What started off as a small Instagram post has turned into quite a lengthy journal style blog (I hope it's useful for anyone going through the same thing)... Friendship... How can something be so wonderful, soul filling and yet so terrifying and heartbreaking? For me my anxiety has always come out in social … Continue reading Today we talk about friendship

Today we make Choco Crunch

Hello and a very Happy Diwali to everyone. This week we celebrate the hindu festival of lights and lots of beautiful time with friends and family. Part of the tradition is exchanging sweet treats! This year I've adapted a popular Diwali treat and made it vegan with natural sugars. It's super quick and easy if … Continue reading Today we make Choco Crunch

Today we make Vegan Lasagne

Hello lovelies, Welcoming in Autumn Equinox with cold mornings and hot dinners. Over the summer I've stayed away from the oven and have been eating lots of fresh refreshing salads and soul bowls but the time has come! The temperature has really dropped this week and I really fancied some vegan Lasagne on the weekend. … Continue reading Today we make Vegan Lasagne

Today we make Orzo Rainbow Salad

Hello my lovelies and Happy Friday! I'm back and with a recipe too! I know it's been a while since I've shared any with you but the summer has kept me busy outdoors and usually very far away from the kitchen. But I'm back and watched to share a new favourite with you... Orzo! Ok … Continue reading Today we make Orzo Rainbow Salad