Hello and welcome to my website.

This website was first created as a space for me to share vegan recipes and travel blogs but as time has gone on, life has evolved and changed too. I’m hoping this website will soon bring you a range of delights from vegan treats to yoga tips.

Now I haven’t always been into cooking and doing yoga… far from it actually! I was a hard working individual that gave my all to my work and as a result my meals and personal welfare took a backseat. I used to grab quick easy meals on the go or skip a meal if I was under a lot of pressure from work or life, eating loads of sweet things and drinking coffee to keep me going. Eventually life catches up to you and I realised I was not taking any time to enjoy my time with the family and friends around me, I started getting ill all the time and was constantly tired and anxious. Eventually I decided to take time out and do something for myself for once.

I stopped all forms of caffeine and stopped all forms of refined sugar, I started paying attention to what I ate and started creating the most delicious creations which were colourful, nutritious and tasty. I shared pictures of my creations with my family and friends and everyone wanted the recipes, and so this website was created! I loved getting into the kitchen and trying out new things and being able to share it with everyone around me. But then life started again and things got way too busy so I neglected the blog and got wrapped up in the London life again. I could feel myself starting to get tired, anxious and stressed again so I did the scariest thing possible at this stage and quit my job and went on a yoga teacher training course, solely for the purpose of growing my practise and learning more for myself.

Yoga teacher training was the most magical and yet the most intense and hardest experience of my life. I learnt so much about myself and how to work through emotions and understand my body a bit more. I cried, laughed and sweated (by the bucket in 40 degrees indian heat) my way through the four weeks. I attempted to leave multiple times but by the end I was transformed. Ok so that might sound a bit strange but I had a new perspective on life and couldn’t thank my yoga teachers enough for this. I was happy, like actually soul screaming out in joy happy! I genuinely smiled everyday! I knew I had to share this with everyone that would listen as soon as I got home.

So here we are…

I’m a vegan baker, cook, environmental enthusiast, conservationist with a passion of spreading the love and joy of yoga to anyone that will listen.


Currently working with:

Yoga Dynamix: Children’s and Family Yoga in Edgware


Friendsline: Online health seminars for women and girls in developing countries.