Today we make #sustainableswaps

At the start of September, a good friend of mine (Elena, @the_lovely_catalyst) and I started a weekly #sustainableswapmondays.

Each Monday we share a simple swap that each and everyone of us can do… the aim is to make eco friendly living more accessible and something we can all do. Hopefully making one swap every week and at the end of the year we’ve made 52 amazing changes, saving the planet and also saving you some money along the way!

So I realised it would be great to compile the list in one place… so here it is (we’re doing one room at time)

The Bathroom

  1. Toothbrush

Swapping out plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones which can be composted after use!

Even if you use electrical toothbrushes then you can look into LiveCoco heads. They’re made from recycled material and once used they can be sent back to close the cycle on production.


2. Toothpaste

Or as I now know of it… Truthpaste. This is clay based natural toothpaste which comes in a lovely glass jar. The product is made in the UK and contains no nasties so it’s good for you too.

Toothpaste tubes have always frustrated me as I could never get everything out of them but I’ve been loving the glass jars. The only thing is that it doesn’t foam up as much as ‘normal’ toothpaste so it takes some getting used to.


3. Shampoo

Lots of different options for you here…

Refill your shampoo at local refill station (as nature intended has some options).

Use Shampoo soap bars from  Lush- lots of different options there.

Beauty Kubes = shampoo and soap cubes which you can crumble and use as normal shampoo. Foams up and everything!


4. Razor

Taking a step away from plastic disposable razor to beautiful metal ones. You just need to replace the thin blade (I’ve been using the same blade all year and it’s still good!)


5. Soap

Good old Soap bars!

Or make your own using an old glass bottle and pump… 2 tbsp Castille soap, 10 drops of essential oil and then top up with water.


6. Deodorant

Lots of different options for deodorants here… my top tip would be to try out a few and find what works for your skin… Some of the ones I’ve tried…

Eco-conscious balm, Neal’s Yard glass bottle spray, Lush powder deodorant.

7. Face Wipes

Letting go of disposable cotton face pads and using reusable ones. Simply use them then throw them into the washing machine and they’re good as new!


8. Period Pads

Again trial what works for you… If you’ve used tampons before then maybe the MoonCup is for you. It takes some getting used to but it’s amazing and saves you heaps of money!

Sadly the MoonCup didn’t work for me so I’ve been using reusable pads and Thinx underwear. I love them! So much kinder on my skin and no panic that I haven’t got ‘supplies’ at home.


9. Floss

Flossing is sadly something we all have to do… Conventional floss is made from plastic and usually people flush it down the toilet ending up in our rivers and oceans! Instead using eco friendly materials to floss. It comes in a glass bottle and the refills can be bought and put into the same tub.


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