Today we call you to action!

Hello all!

Beautiful weather we’re having right?! But also crazy hail storms last week too, right? Also remember that 24 degrees week we had in February? There’s a reason behind it all… Climate Change.

Ok so you may have heard of Climate Change and rising sea levels… polar bears losing their homes etc etc. But this isn’t just something we watch on a Nature documentary anymore. Our actions over the next 10 years could lead us to mass natural extinction. A rise in just 0.5 degrees could lead to irreversible damage on our planet. (But rather than throw numbers at you let me tell you what that could mean).

  • Population of flying insects could decrease by 70% – that means there’s nothing to pollenate all the food you enjoy! In some places in America they’re having to bring in Bees to pollenate Avocado trees as there aren’t enough around.
  • The rising CO2 levels are leading to more drastic weather changes… heatwaves which soar to such high levels that unfortunately actually kill people.
  • People will suffer greater draughts and food insecurities due to the weather uncertainty.
  • Over the past 40 years the Living Planet Index has measured a 60% decline in Vertebrates… if this continues then your children may never get to see some of your most favourite animals.
  • The ocean has become 30% more acidic… So next time you’re planning on going snorkelling you won’t get to see your favourite fish but instead a white mush of what was once life
  • Pollution is going to climb to such a level we will start seeing more respiratory issues in all of us… no more “popping out for some fresh air”

And that’s only the start of it…

Now some of you have probably seen or heard of the extinction rebellion protests that are being done around the world. Thousands have flocked to the streets and shut down cities, roads and major sights. The media and many people have viewed this negatively… have become annoyed and angry at the inconvenience it’s caused them. But I ask you this… What is one week of inconvenience compared to your child’s life in risk of heat stroke, food shortages and air pollution. Sadly, these are the steps we need to take to call the government into action… we need to act now before it’s too late.

Granted you might be reading this thinking “I don’t work in London and I don’t work in the government so this doesn’t bother me”. Wrong actually! Every single one of us CAN make a change! Every single one of us has the power to reduce our carbon footprint… we’re all responsible and we can no longer “just love the taste of cheese and bacon” and justify it.

Actions you can take:

  • Talk! Spread the message and let as many people know… for so long I wasn’t aware of what was happening and as soon as I found out I knew things had to change.
  • Cut down on your meat and diary consumption. This industry is the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions over any other and in my eyes the one way we can make a huge impact!
  • Plant bee friendly plants in your garden- provide a home for these animals.
  • Leave water out for the native hedgehogs and animals through the incredibly hot summer days!


From Extinction Rebellion website:

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency, the planet is in crisis and we are in the midst of a mass extinction bigger and faster than the one that killed the dinosaurs. Scientists believe we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. The Earth’s atmosphere is already over 1°C warmer than pre-industrial levels and the chance of staying below the 2°C limit set in the Paris Agreement is tiny. Projections show we are on course for 3 degrees of warming and probably much higher.

We and our children will face unimaginable horrors as a result of floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failures and the inevitable breakdown of society when the pressures are so great. We are unprepared for the danger our future holds.

The time for denial is over – we know the truth about climate change. It is time to act.



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