Today we make pancakes

Happy pancake day!

Just wanted to share a super short blog post with you today… my husband’s super quick, super easy sweet/ savoury pancake recipe! If you’re rushed for time or just not feeling up to the challenge of making the american style fluffy pancakes then here is a quick recipe you can follow.



300ml Soya milk

1 cup self raising flour

1/2 tsp salt



  1. Sift the flour and add the salt
  2. Add the milk
  3. Whisk or beat the mixture until desired consistency- aim for a slightly viscous batter
  4. Using a ladle spread thinly onto a pan, wait for bubbles to show through and colour to darken slightly
  5. Loosen edges of pancake then flip
  6. Leave to cook until slightly golden
  7. Serve warm either sweet or savoury!

Our favourite toppings:


  • Banana, peanut butter, grated dark chocolate
  • Berries with grated coconut
  • Banana and chocolate sauce
  • ICE CREAM! Such a winner


  • Cashew cheese and tomatoes
  • Avocado and lime
  • Hummus (for the hubby! he eats it from the tub)
  • White sauce mushroom (I have another blog with this recipe)
  • Pesto

Basically top with anything you like! Tuck in and enjoy!

Please share your creations with me- I’d love to see them!

Love A x

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